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Niche employee feedback platform for companies to crowdsource ideas and solve problems, continuously from teams across cities…

Grow your business functions in 2016

with lesser roadblocks, faster execution and happier employees

Crowdsolve Key Problems

  • Identify improvement areas anonymously.
  • Track high impact issues across departments/cities.
  • Solve employee grievances for faster execution.

Ankur, CEO at nearbuy

I love how inFeedo allows employees to submit feedback on multiple situations, and allows management to track the high impact issues.

“52%. That’s more than half of the employees in a company
are hesitant to give inputs to their leaders.”

Drive Bottom-Up Innovation

  • Share key problems or topics proactively.
  • Generate targeted solutions/ideas.
  • Track implementation with timelines.

inFeedo somehow got the company together where people suddenly began participating with ideas coming in from every corner.

“75% employee ideas get lost in the ocean of the emails,
slacks, forums, chats, notes, whiteboards and other priorities.”

Collect Anonymous Feedback

  • Conduct AskMeAnything town-halls with leadership.
  • Surface questions from all cities anonymously.
  • Answer top 10 questions based on voting.

Chetna, HR Head at PayU 

After inFeedo, our employees have started asking meaningful questions that the leadership is more than happy to address.

“PayU CEO hosted his 1st Ask-Me-Anything Townhall with 800+ employees
in Feb 2016 and answered their top questions in his Townhall.”

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