I always believe one must never stop learning, doesn’t matter from where or from whom. You never know, who could teach you a great lesson of being successful. Most of us lookup to our heroes, and try to be like them. No matter, if they are in real life or a fictional character. However, I wonder there is another side of the world too, who time and again show great traits that one must adopt. Yes! I am talking about Super Villains from the fictional world.

If not for Super Villains then there will be no Superheroes. Villains can still do their job of destruction and vandalisation in the absence of a hero, but what would heroes save in the absence of a villain. Well! that was just on a lighter note. Seriously, one could learn lot of great leadership learnings from even Super Villains. Some such Super Villains and learnings from them could be as below

JOKER : Why so serious? Making Work FUN

One could learn a lot from Joker’s way of working. He surely knows how to make a work environment full of fun, doesn’t matter how difficult or dreadful it is. As a good leader, it is your responsibility to ensure your team mates are happy and feel safe when they are around their leader.

And as a Leader on the other hand, it is very important for you to ensure that you don’t just pour down your frustration and irritation on your team members. Keep them happy and engaged, as happier teams are often more productive than the teams that are scared of their bosses and are not sure, when their boss will bash them for what?

JOKER : Be an expert of your domain and your can charge a bomb for it

Yet another learning one could get from Joker is to be an expert of your domain. Everyone wants to get rewarded for their work, so for that first be an expert in it. And then, you could desire to get what you deserve

JOKER : Innovate! try new ways of solving issues

If you keep following the same path as taken by many others and have seen them failing, you will also most probably fail, or will take much more time to reach where you want to be. It’s rather better to innovate and choose the path less taken, face the challenges there and make the difference.

SCARECROW : Be bold and attempt what you feel is impossible. You never try, you never know

A good leader must be willing to take bold steps in order to achieve success in their goals. if you never try what you feel is difficult or far the failure, you will never know what is on the other side waiting for you. Anyways, by not trying you are not getting it, why not at least give it a try.

RA’S AL GHUL : Training is Nothing! Will is Everything

The quote says it all. No matter, how much you train, or from whom you get trained, if you don’t have “will” to achieve something, all is just a waste. So as a leader if you want to achieve new heights and learn new leadership skills, first develop the will to change. Try to unlearn everything you know, when you get into the learning mode.

BANE : Be a Product of your Decision

Don’t let the circumstances make you strong or weak. Make a decision and work towards making it right. A good leader is always walks the talk.


LEX LUTHOR : Best Revenge is Massive Success

If you have failed in any project to deliver or your company is going through losses, as a leader don’t let them break you, rather get up and hit even harder. Because best revenge is massive success.






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