Hiring the right taken is difficult, but retaining the best talent is even tougher. Every employer wants to be assured that his best talent stays with him for long and help the organisation reach the desired heights. To ensure that your best talent delivers the best result, it is very important that they stick with the organisation for long and work with high level of engagements.

To retain the best talent, what is required to understand by the employers is what make the employees happy. Happiness is not only in the fun activities, games, outings or those training programs, but some key steps that can increase the level of commitment and loyalty of an employee are actually intangible in nature, you can’t see, feel or measure them, but can feel them. Some of such factors I have tried to jot down below, while everyone is welcome to add your valuable ideas and suggestions to it.


Employment engagement is more like marriage (not literally though) but just like in marriage both the parties need to have trust in each other only then that relation stays long and happy, if there is even a little bit of doubt even at one side, there will always be chances of separation. Similarly, employer need to put in trust in there employees (not blind trust), because if you keep doubting their commitments and loyalty, you will surely push them away, sooner or later, as constant doubting subconsciously develops the doubt in the minds of employee as well, whether they are really meant for this place or are they really not that trustworthy

Career Growth

You may attract an employee to join your organisation with best of your salary structure , infrastructure, benefits and all other lucrative materialistic motivations, but in the end what retains the employees is their future, if they can’t see their future in the organisation they won’t stay, and will look for some other organisation where they see their future bright and clear. While everyone is responsible for their personal growth and achievements, but you as an employer can’t ask them to tell what future they see here in the company, it’s your responsibility to show them the future and growth they will get in the company, after all you brought them to this company.

Personal Needs and challenges

While it is true, one must keep the personal and professional lives separate, but there are no two stings that personal does impact your professional life heavily. Hence, it is highly needed that as an employer we respect the personal challenges and needs of an employee and try to support them in all professional capacity that we could, it could be as little as providing flexible working environment, where we allow employees to take care of their urgent family matters as well while ensuring his professional commitments doesn’t hurt

Provide true feedback and communication ultra transparently

While we talked about trust in the beginning, providing feedback and transparent communication is the real outcome of that trust, if your don’t trust your employee, you would not give them true feedback or communicate transparently. Similarly, if our employee doesn’t trust you, he would also not communicate and share his thoughts transparently. From both the angles, it is required to develop the trust. So, trust and feedback are both interlinked, to gain trust you need to communicate openly and to communicate openly you need to generate that trust. And where there is trust, openness and transparency, loyalty and commitments follows as a part of the parcel

Culture of strong team bonding

An organisation is like a huge joint family, if the family doesn’t have strong bonding with each other, they tend to get separated and build smaller nuclear families, or in case of marriages, sometime find a different family all together. Similarly, if the teams are well bonded in the organisation, then either they start to get scattered in small teams/groups or worst people start to leave in search of better working place where they feel they belong to.

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